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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, If a player sustains a non hockey related injury does

    he or she need a doctors certificate to return?
  2. Question 2, If I need referees foir an exibition game is there a number I can call?.
  3. Question 3, 3.Will my Son or Daughter have to miss school to attend the September Classic ?
  4. Question 4, Is there a place I can go to see my sons teams standings?.
  5. Question 5, Does the Toronto Aces have a player release policy?
  6. Question 5, Where is the Aces Home Arena?

Answer 1:

Other than for a concussion injury he/she does not require a doctors certificate.

Depending upon the type of injury or surgeory the trainer should ensure the

coaching staff is aware of the players return and should keep a close watch on

the player for the next few outings..

Answer 2:

Yes the number for the Centeral Registry is 905-646-8970, ask for Rick. Please try

to give them at least one weeks advance notice to ensure a successful booking.

Answer 3:

No. All weekday games are played after 6:00 p.m. to ensure no players miss school.

Answer 4:

yes you can go to the GTHL website for the latest standings.

Answer 5:

Yes this can be found in the Club Policy booklet you were given at the tryouts

Answer 5:

Yes the Aces Home arena is Scarborough Canlans Ice Sports... 159 Dynamic Drive Scarborough, ON M1V 5L8 (t) 416-412-0404